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SalesLoft Feature Updates 3/25/14

March 25, 2014

Now you can easily add all of your Salesloft prospect data to your Salesforce leads and contacts. You can specify what data should go into what fields through our custom field mapping feature. No more copying and pasting or relying on CSV export. This feature is enabled for all Closer and higher plans.

Expand Your Prospects!

We’re committed to keeping your Salesloft dashboard clean and clear! To review each prospects number of contacts, location and industry simply click the small triangle to the left of the prospects name.

More Green Emails!

At Salesloft, we’re always looking for ways to improve our data quality. We have recently added more data sources, so you should see more green emails and phone numbers for your prospects.

Improvements to Company-based Search

We’ve been rolling out improvements to our company-based searching features. We’ve added the ability to select multiple companies to search at once. You can also enter a title to search to save you time and extra clicking through advanced search options. Company searches are now easier and faster than ever before!