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Harness Your Data with the Salesloft + HubSpot Integration

May 3, 2021

Salesloft and HubSpot, a leading CRM platform, have partnered to empower customers to harness data across their platforms. That means no more disruption caused by messy lead handoffs, inconsistent forecasts, and time-consuming data exports and imports. More than 160 mutual customers are already experiencing the benefits of this partnership.

Harness Data. Unify Information. Act Intelligently. 

The integration between Salesloft and HubSpot gives marketing and sales operations leaders the freedom to work without the distractions of inaccurate information, siloed data sources, and time-consuming data research.

More than 160 mutual customers

are uniting the Salesloft and HubSpot platforms with bi-directional data sync powered by the HubSpot Operations Hub.

Front-office teams that are powered by one unified data source are better able to serve and delight their customers. Thanks to bi-directional syncing, the HubSpot integration for Salesloft will make it even easier for those teams to harness and act on customer data. We look forward to continuing to build on our partnership with Salesloft to find even more ways to leverage customer data.
– Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot

HubSpot’s customizable, code-free package provides real-time two-way sync, custom field mappings, historical data, and more. With truly connected sales engagement and CRM, front-office teams save hours of manual data entry and cleaning.

Connect, Clean, and Automate.

To give customers an authentic buying experience, you need clean data and the ability to act on it — no matter where that customer is in their lifecycle. At the same time, marketing and operations leaders cannot be bogged down with manually maintaining data hygiene.

The integration between Salesloft and HubSpot can help you to drive opportunities and close deals faster by streamlining business processes based on tags, stages, opens, and any other value.  At the same time, it automatically fixes date properties, formats names, and more with out-of-the-box data quality automation.

The integration gives customers rich filters and customizable field mapping, allowing them to have full control over how the sync will run in both directions. All contact data is intelligently matched and merged, which means customers benefit from richer, ready-to-act-upon data.

Ready to Experience Salesloft and HubSpot?

Learn more about the Salesloft and HubSpot integration on the Salesloft App Directory.