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3 Ways SalesLoft Analytics Spotlights Outcomes

July 22, 2019

Three new enhancements to your Salesloft Analytics page give you an instant view into the outcomes your team has worked hard to produce, offering a holistic view of sales strategy performance.

  • “Meetings” booked display in your Cadences and Accounts reports
  • “Successes” display in your Cadences and Accounts reports
  • Engagement Rates (% of emails sent) display in Cadences, Accounts, and Team reports

The Results Are in…

It is critical to measure your cadences and your account-based approach not just on activity, but on results. As an example, it’s great to know which cadences show the most usage, but are they really optimized for your target audience?

With both “Meetings” booked and “Successes” added to your reports, you can confidently identify the accounts and cadences that are receiving positive responses from customers. Reinforce your email metrics with the payoff you’re striving toward. Because as you know, not all customer replies to your email are necessarily positive!

Cadences Report showing Successes, Meetings booked, and Engagement rates

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We Did the Math

With Engagement Rates, you now have percentages included with your email metrics (opens, clicks, replies). Rates provide a better sense of the true effectiveness of your email engagement so you can avoid falling into a quantity over quality trap. One of your cadences may have had dozens of opens – score! But if it took thousands of emails to get there, is there better messaging and frequency you could put in place?

To surface your most effective cadences and interested accounts, your email metrics will now sort on Engagement Rates instead of total counts. Counts and rates will be provided in your data exports so you can analyze both the quantity and quality of your emails.

Analytics showing sorting by engagement rates

Did You Know?

At Salesloft, we understand the power of data. Yet, so much of the value relies on consistent tracking and clear interpretation. With that in mind, let’s have a quick refresher on what your email metrics are telling you.

Let’s say you sent an email to 2 prospects on one of your cadences. Both prospects opened your email. However, one prospect opened the email exactly once and the other eager beaver opened it up on 3 separate occasions. How many email “Open” counts will show up on your Cadences Report?

The correct answer is 2! Although one of the emails was opened up multiple times, the “Open” count is based on how many of your emails were ever opened by unique recipients.

Additional Support

We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey, and we hope you feel the #saleslove with this announcement, our past announcements, and the ones that are just around the corner. For more information, check out the support articles on Your Cadence Analytics, Your Account Analytics, and Your Team Performance Report, or contact [email protected].